1 in 5 people worldwide are Muslim - Imagine that for a moment.

Sunnah Currency design and mint 24K Gold and Pure Silver coins/bullion-bars, our products are perfect for investment purposes, preservation of wealth (safe haven from inflationary pressure) or for that unique sunnah gift to celebrate momentous milestones/occasions in life, such as Hifz-ul Qur’an, graduation of Alimiyyah course or the reviving of the sunnah gift of Mehr ul’Ajwaj/Fatimi.

We comply with all the Islamic Sharia legal standards applicable to the manufacturing of mints & bullion-bars.

We continually monitor the minting activity of all SC refineries that mint the coins through the auspices of the MAC (Muslim Assayers Council). The dies of all the Islamic Mints & Bullion-bars maintain a certain standard, incorporating key characteristics that allow people to recognise the hallmark of Sunnah Currency Mints & Bullion worldwide.

Sunnah Currency are proud members of and certified by the Islamic Monetary Council - IMC

Made with the Muslim Ummah in mind. Finished and serviced in unparalleled, superior quality



Our Calligraphist meticulously draws every concept on paper, before it is polished and digitalised on computer for final stage checks and approval.



“Technology has added new possibilities to coin design and brought a freedom to the job", our CTO, Khaleel Mughal – using Computer-aided Design (CAD) we can innovate, then create the die cast moulds - with 3D printers aided by chisels. Then our machines do the work - minimum 50 tons of pressure is used to "Mint" the designs onto SC coins and bullion.

How its made


Meticulously Finished - Every single coin and bullion bar issued by Sunnah Currency is certified with the Muslim Assayers Council – MAC which is backed by and a subsidiary of the Islamic Monetary Council - IMC. Everything comes with a digital and physical certificate.

best silver investment

.999 fine silver - 10 dirham

Seal of the Prophethood ﷺ

Research and Development

The idea

SC founder, Sheikh Abdul Latif ibn Ahmed had the fiqr and passion for his Muslim brethren worldwide, in that he had particular concern on how Muslims globally can buy and procure shariah compliant Gold Dinar & Silver Dirhams through an online digital platform.

April 24, 2021

Birth of Sunnah Currency

We start our months of research & development, marketing, logistics, traveling and lots of coffee - lots. Ideas are shared and we start building SC.

Back in the ummah

Silver Dirham Online

We took our first online orders for 10 Dirham coins.

back in the ummah

Gold Dinar Online

Alhamdulillah. One of our greatest milestones - The return of the 1 Dinar Gold Coin according to the edict, guidelines and standards set by Hadhrat Umar ibn Al Khattab (ra).

Islamic monetary council

Certified Gold and Silver

Every Gold and Silver product that is made from Sunnah Currency is certified via the Islamic Monetary System using a Tayyib Certified Scanner™ You will receive a digital QR code encrypted QR code backed by IMC Blockchain and a secure PDF certificate.

mac - muslim assayers council

Metallurgical assay

All products go through a rigorous metallurgical assay certification process. Every single coin or bullion is inspected by qualified Assayers who are certified with the MAC - Muslim Assayers Council. MAC issue a unique QR code on the IMC Blockchain Tayyib Certified Scanner™

Roadmap updates & knowledge

Blog posts

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Cast and Bullion

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Roadmap Updates

Roadmap Updates

!السلام عليكم Major updates. All your Bullion Bars, Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham coins from Sunnah Currency are now physically inspected by the Mu...

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