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Updated: 28th July 2022 / 28 Dhū al-Hijjah 1443


Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we ship to all countries (apart from Israel). All shipping deliveries are:

  • Tracked with Tracking Reference door-to-door
  • Provided with free insurance by Secursus

Learn more about our delivery and shipment FAQs here.

Do you accept PayPal? What are the payment methods?

Yes we accept PayPal and Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Shopify Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay.

For issues or adding more payment methods, email

I placed an order but I did not get a certificate for my gold or silver? 

We will generate a Tayyib ID and Certificate Number for you and provide a digitally signed PDF on request for any coin or bar that you have placed with SC. Send this request to with your order number and the team will issue the certificate QR code.

Where is my order? 

After you have placed your order our fulfilment centre is notified. If we have the stock ready, we will ship immediately. In best cases if stock is not available, orders take between 4-5 weeks to fulfil. The simple reason of this is we are building a stock inventory and ordering as we grow with you. in-shaa-Allah we will allow real-time stock and real-time shipping. With this customers will get 2-3 days UK deliveries and 5-7 days for international deliveries in-shaa-Allah!

How does SC create pricing as compared to the market rates of bullion, mint and precious metals as per market rate?

SC has a number of key factors when pricing markups. Firstly, we import our silver and it is pressed new via custom machines for SC. Our molds and minting process is also a premium. The detailing, the dies of all the coins also occur charges. On top of this we have to have it tested and measured and weighed according the the Islamic Shariah. We also 20% tax in the UK for importing of our metals. Then from our fulfilment centre we pay the best courier/delivery service depending on local or international shipment. Our margins are very small and in-shaa-Allah we are trying to create a loyal brand following - releasing Gold dinar, reducing cost to spot, adding in real-time market match pricing. Ashra Mubashara series.. there is a large roadmap - even Imam Mehdi coin! We only make our profits on the gift box orders or custom bulk orders for weddings. in-shaa-Allah with help and support we will reduce costs and grow demand at the same time offering ranges, collections for our followers - we have been fighting many hurdles, custom hurdles, legal hurdles.. bank pressure.. Allah (SWT) keeps helping revive and helping us forward.

What is the striking process of SC for their mints?

Sunnah Currency uses a 50T hydraulic press machine to produce the mints; With 3 strikes in total, one at the top side of our mint, one at bottom side of our mint and one on the edge of our mint, both the shiny/matte finishes are achieved during this striking process..

What are Dinar and Dirham?

A Dinar (gold) is a coin with a specific weight of 4.25 grams of gold. 
A Dirham (silver) a coin with is specific weight of 29.75g grams of silver.

The minting of the Dinar and Dirham into coins is the first step to bringing back a currency based on real wealth and value. Read more about Sunnah Money here.

Are Dinar and Dirham legal tender?

No, Dinar and Dirham are not legal tender. Legal tender is the currency imposed on us by your government. In Islam, we are free to choose our medium of exchange. The Dinar and Dirham are an alternative means of payment but their use is by no means an obligation on the people.

If they are not legal tender, can they be used as money?

Yes, they can be used as money on the basis of mutual consent. So long as both parties, the buyer and the seller, agree to the transaction there is no problem.

Are there denominations of Dinar and Dirham?

Yes, the Dinar and Dirham coins come in the following denominations.

Gold: ½ Dinar / 1 Dinar / 2 Dinars / 5 Dinars / 8 Dinars
Silver: 1 Dirham / 2 Dirhams / 5 Dirhams / 10 Dirhams / 20 Dirhams

Read more about Sunnah Money here. And see the Coin Size Table.

Are these denominations written on the coins?

Yes, depending on design. Both the denomination and the weight of the coin are specified on the face of the coin. E.g: 1 Dinar, 4.25 grams.; 2 Dinars, 8.5 grams.; etc. Read more about sunnah money.

What is the purity of the coins?

All gold & silver that Sunnah Currency use as raw material before production is quality marked at .9999 - However, the finished coins will be from .999 to .9999

Due to the air, moisture and dust mix during processing.

Do you custom orders, design or bulk orders?

You can place custom design orders via our Islamic Minting Custom Bespoke Service. We do accept customisation for both gold dinar and silver dirham. 

Do you offer a discount on bulk orders?

We are regularly running campaigns so we suggest you subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media to find out when these discounts happen.

Do you offer discounts to Scholars (Ulema) Darulooms, Madrasah, Hifz or Alimayah Islamic Studies Graduations?

We offer discounts and also offer exclusive custom coin orders. You can have a selected design, limited print of coins and offer these for students for example. This can be ordered through the bespoke service. Or if your a scholar or Hafiz and wish to get a discount of up to 10% from your order please contact us with your Ijaza and proof of scholarship.

Do you do wholesale? Use Affiliates or distribution networks?

We do not wholesale nor use distributors. If you're interested in being a brand ambassador, affiliate or country rep, click here.

What are the marks, milk like spots on my Silver Dirham? Or red spot on my gold Dinar?

First and foremost - this does not de-value the gold or silver. Please read about this and the treatment on our blog here.

Why do non-Muslims use them too?

This is a currency for the people. As long as there is mutual consent between both parties, they can be traded anywhere and with anyone. The devaluation of paper money and inflation affect to all of us, Muslims and non-Muslims. Hence, all of us should fight against the imposition of a currency that makes our salaries and savings lose value over time.

Why use Dinar and Dirham instead of paper money?

Paper money only has value because it is based on legal compulsion. It has value because we are forced to use it. However, as the supply of paper money increases, it depreciates in monetary value. So while paper money is constantly losing value, the Dinar and Dirham are precious metals that store value. Using Dinar and Dirham promotes a stable currency and is a movement towards freeing people from usury.

Doesn't inflation affect Dinar and Dirham?

Over the ages, the prices of gold and silver have seen slight fluctuations due to the markets. However, in Roy.W. Jastrams book, 'The Golden Constant,' he explores the value of gold and how it has remained almost completely consistent over the centuries.

Isn't paper money backed by gold?

No, in August of 1971 President Nixon abolished the International Gold Standard making it the first time in history that currencies were not backed by gold. In December of that same year, the Smithsonian Agreement was signed in which countries agreed to appreciate their currencies against the United States Dollar. So every currency is not backed by gold but by U.S Dollars. And the U.S Dollar is backed by nothing.

Who accepts them?

All shops, businesses and services worldwide with SC stickers that reads "WE ACCEPT DINAR AND DIRHAM", allow payments and transactions using SC authenticated Dinar and Dirham in their establishments.

What are their other uses?

Apart from direct trading, Dinar and Dirham can be used to pay zakat, Mahr/Mehr, for savings or as gifts.

Is there enough gold in the world?

Yes, there is enough gold. Over the course of human history, a staggering 165,000 tonnes of gold has been mined which is a figure that is increasing daily. The scarcity of gold is what gives it its value. So its market price will forever fluctuate according to its scarcity and accessibility, like any other commodity.

Where can I get Dinar and Dirham?

To purchase the SC Dinar and Dirham direct from our dedicated and secure website, or you can either contact an SC authorised Wakala or any SC agent.

What is a Wakala?

A Wakala basically is a non-profit organisation responsible for spreading and distributing the Dinar and Dirham coins. It is similar to a money changer, but instead of exchanging paper for paper, they exchange paper for gold or silver. With the paper/electronic money collected from the exchange, the Wakala will buy gold and silver as soon as is possible. This is to ensure that it will not be affected by further depreciation of the paper/electronic money while in their possession, as well as to maintain a healthy supply of coins.

Is there a buy-back plan for the coins?

Yes, SC do have buy-back plans for the coins but these plans include a penalty of 5%-10% loss on the value of the coins. This is to discourage people from speculating on the coins and instead encourage them to use them in the shops and markets.

Where can we safe keep our coins?

There are many ways an individual can go about securing their valuable items. Our recommendation would be to either keep them in a safe place at your home or visit an establishment that provides services of safe deposit boxes.

What is usury?

The classical definition of Riba (usury) is: "Any unjustified increment between the value of goods given and the value of goods received". This is from Qadi Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi in his Tafsir Ahkam al-Qur'an. Usury is the act of financial oppression that is prohibited by most religions and abhorred by people.

What is the striking process of SC for their mints?

Sunnah Currency uses a 50T hydraulic press machine to produce the mints; With 3 strikes in total, one at the top side of our mint, one at bottom side of our mint and one on the edge of our mint, both the shiny/matte finishes are achieved during this striking process.